We Believe In Sports

At Knight Eady, the people on our team serve as our best asset, and the company is defined by the people who represent the Knight Eady brand. We are brought together under the belief that sports have the power to change lives. Although our team and service offerings have grown over the years, our core values and mission have not. Since our inception, the Knight Eady team and our service offerings have both evolved. With the addition of talented team members, what began as an event operations company evolved into a larger agency with the capability to serve clients in a variety of ways. Knight Eady now operates as a full-service event, strategy and creative agency, working with clients across the country to creatively solve the problems they face in sports.

David Knight

President, Operations

Michael Eady

President, Strategy/Creative

Chris Nix

Executive Vice President, Development

Katie Moore

Vice President, Strategy

Penn Garvich

Tournament Director, Huntsville Championship

Caleb Schmidt

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships

Preston Kirk

Vice President, Events

Summer Hall

Culture Director

Daniel Smith

Director of Events

T'Auntre Spence

Assistant Director of Events


Buddy Overstreet

Creative Director

Lindsey McGehee

Alex Perkins

David Myers

Mateo Zarate

Lauren Lockridge

Masoud Torabinejad

Katie Stotts

The 5 star recruits on our team

Our internship applications open on a semster by semester basis. We are now accepting applicant for the spring term! We are looking for strategy, creative, and events interns to join our team this spring.

At Knight Eady, we desire to create unforgettable experiences while helping brands imagine, generate, and connect with sports enthusiasts. Our team is made up of driven, energetic and focused individuals who are passionate about sports and experiential marketing. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we’d love to meet you!

Always looking for hungry, bold leaders obsessed with sports

The people who make up our team at Knight Eady serve as the company’s greatest assets. Each individual brings a different strength, personality and energy to the team, which creates a dynamic work environment. Although we work extremely hard for our partners, we also make plenty of room for having fun together because we are firm believers in work life integration. From lake and beach trips to attending sporting events and playing on a Kickball team (and winning the championship), we genuinely consider one another friends