Out with the old, in with the NEW BRAND!

by | Wednesday, February 19, 2020

In 2013, Knight Eady was founded as an event operations group in Birmingham. Seven years later, we have evolved into a full-service event, strategy and creative agency, working with clients across the country to bring brands and fans together.

The evolution called for a new visual identity and messaging to accompany our enhanced service offering. The result? A Knight Eady rebrand. Our rebrand embraces the power of black and white in our design and visually embodies our brand principles to be bold, clear, energetic and dynamic. It’s the lens through which we tell our story, as a creative agency driven by our belief in sports.

Why the big change?

After years of hosting events, getting fans in their seats, building brand experiences and creating compelling stories, we have become a leader in the business of sports. We’ve added new team members and expanded our service offering to ultimately position ourselves to turn sports fans brand fans. This kind of shift lent itself to a much-needed brand refresh!

“Our new brand at Knight Eady has been built over the last seven years as we’ve grown our service offering and client base,” remarked Michael Eady, president, strategy/creative at Knight Eady. “As we evolved, we realized it was time to refresh our visual identity and messaging to better reflect where our company is today. At Knight Eady, we believe sports have the power to change lives, and there are few experiences more memorable than those in sports. This idea has remained since our first day as a company. Through this idea, we’ve found powerful ways to help our clients achieve their goals and we will continue to do so through our events, strategy and creative.”

So, what’s the difference? 

We now operate as a full-service event, strategy and creative agency, working with clients across the country to creatively solve the problems they face in sports. This could be anything from a new event, a strategic marketing campaign or a powerful creative storytelling piece. Our talented team is excited to bring brands and fans together, creating dynamic brand engagement through sports.

The new Knight Eady brand expands from the company’s brand promise, “We Believe In Sports.” This idea serves as the foundation for Knight Eady’s service offering, to provide dynamic brand engagement through sport in the service areas of events, strategy and creative. The new visual elements were developed through four principles, bold, clear, energetic and dynamic, to represent the overall identity and characteristics of our company.

“When Michael and I started the company, our focus was to develop and host high-level sporting events,” said David Knight, president, operations at Knight Eady. “Through our growth, we identified a unique marketplace in sports where brands and fans intersect, which led us to evolve our services beyond events, adding strategy and creative. With this hybrid of services, we’re now able to help our clients connect with new fans in a more profound way. Whether it be a new event, a strategic marketing campaign or a powerful creative storytelling piece, our talented team is excited to bring brands and fans together.” 

What does “dynamic brand engagement through sport” mean?

At the beginning of the rebranding process, we broke down the components of who were are and kept coming back to the same statement. Knight Eady is dynamic – we are never satisfied, always pushing to bring big ideas to our clients. We understand how modern brands are built, grown and leveraged. Through engagement, we know how events can create attention and loyalty for brands. And finally, the essence of sports is why we love what we do. Driven by a belief in sports, we foster these incredible moments through event production, and we use strategy and creative to build authentic relationships between brands and fans.

What happened to the teal?

We are saying farewell to the teal to embrace the power of black and white. This new look better serves our updated design foundation of being clear, bold, energetic and dynamic.

Why the emphasis on “bold, clear, energetic and dynamic?”
  • Bold – Sports can be a crowded space and we want to stand out. We want to make a statement on and off the playing field. Bold type, bold imagery and bold illustration support strong messaging to make impressions last.
  • Clear – Important messages should always stand out. Our designs are easy to read and understand. We keep the number of elements and information clear and concise. In our events, strategy and creative, everything we do is for a reason.
  • Energetic – Great work requires energy. We are always in search of the next big idea, and our passion for sports fuels us. Our unwavering spirit is a large part of what we bring to our work every day.
  • Dynamic – We aren’t afraid to stand out with bold choices or innovate in new directions to deliver forward-thinking solutions and create memorable experiences.
What about the original Knight Eady mission?

What hasn’t changed is our belief. We believe in the passion that drives fans to gather. We believe in the moments on the court, on the field and on the course that you will never forget. We believe in the traditions. We believe in the teams. We believe in the competition. We believe that sports give us some of the most memorable experiences in our lives. And that is what we promise to continue to do. Because at the end of the day, we believe sports have the power to change lives. These dynamic moments become memories in our lives and impact us permanently. 

What’s next?

Don’t stop here! Make sure to check out Knight Eady Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to follow our rebrand rollout!