Knight Eady Creative: 2019 SEC Basketball Media Days Recap

by | Monday, October 28, 2019

Our Knight Eady Creative Team took a trip to the Grand Bohemian Hotel to create exciting new content for SEC Basketball and provide memorable experiences for this season's student-athletes. Senior Creative David Sikes gives an inside look below at the inspiration behind this year's shoot and the brand new elements introduced (including "Bullet Time!").

We love the SEC.

Actually, we love all the college athletic conferences, because we love sports. It’s who we are. But for this post, we’re going to gush on the SEC.

Last week, we wrapped up SEC Media Days for basketball (#SECTipoff2019). It’s a two-day event where 14 SEC schools, 28 head coaches and 56 NCAA athletes roll into Birmingham to run the media gauntlet and hype up the rabid fans.

Knight Eady’s role in this special event is to create an experience for athletes where they can come, relax, take some photos for the SEC and escape the pandemonium for a bit.

Where did we start?

Shoes (obviously), because when it comes to basketball, it’s all about the kicks. The shoes make a statement on and off the court. To highlight this, we built a sneaker station that was dedicated to showcasing not only the athletes’ kicks but the coaches too.

Next Up

We needed to capture photos of the players. We didn’t want to simply take photos. We wanted to do portraits, and we wanted to create a look that was timeless. The key to create this look was to make the players and coaches feel comfortable. We needed them to trust us. When you bring all of it together, you get something special. The players and coaches start having fun, and you see something natural. Something authentic. That special moment is what we were after.

And Then

We wanted to create something that would stand out and serve as a fun way to showcase the athletes and coaches. We wanted to continue with the theme of a timeless look, so we asked ourselves, “How do we literally freeze time?” We wanted to bring in the element of motion to create a visual that was captivating and showcased the athleticism of the student-athletes. We built a camera array and shot bullet-time photographs that delivered instantly to the SEC to use on their social channels.


Ultimately, our goal for the day was to give the SEC some killer content and provide a worthwhile experience to the coaches and athletes. SEC Director of Video and Creative Services BC Romano put it like this, “One of our primary goals was to create life-long memories for the student-athletes. SEC Basketball Media Days is one avenue in which we can provide a memorable experience, and with the collaboration with Knight Eady, we were able to make that happen. You could tell when the student-athletes and coaches interacted in our room, we left a lasting impression. In other words, ‘We were the fun room.’”

Thanks to the SEC for having us help make the 2019 SEC Basketball Media Days special! You can find this year’s content on SEC’s social channels (@SEC) and on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.