About Us

As avid fans of brand-storytelling, we like to share the story of Knight Eady so that our partners can understand not just what we do, but why we do what we do, and what motivates us each day. In June of 2013, two Birmingham-native sports fans decided to take a risk and leave their current jobs of working in collegiate athletics to create a company that would bring exciting and unique events to our city, state, and country. Since then, our team has developed a passion, energy, focus and adoration that has catapulted us into the world of sports and experiential marketing. We desire to create unforgettable experiences while helping brands imagine, generate, and connect with sports enthusiasts.

Although some of our work and focus has shifted since our inception, the foundation of our company has not, which centers around living out our core values on a daily basis. We like to share our core values with individuals and companies that may be interested in partnering with us, working for us, or have a desire to know us. We take a lot of stock in the idea that finding a good fit or partner for your organization means believing in what the company believes. We place a very strong emphasis on company culture because we want to make sure our employees are happy so that they will develop an unparalleled loyalty and love for Knight Eady, which we believe will in turn provide success. As we continue to grow and gain momentum, our priority will be to constantly focus on our culture and to live out our core values.

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