YellowHammer News

Knight Eady came alongside Yellowhammer Multimedia and the Alabama Department of Commerce to present Alabama’s premier economic development and jobs conference at Ross Bridge in February of 2016. The objective of the summit was to celebrate Alabama’s recent economic successes and spur the state towards being one of the nation’s most attractive states to conduct business. Yellowhammer came up with the idea in order to challenge our state to continue to grow and improve while emphasizing the unique qualities that make Alabama such a great place to grow a business and raise a family. Knight Eady came on board to help from a marketing and event operations perspective by working on the logistics with the venue, designing signage, scheduling, and overseeing the event flow and registration. With leaders such as Andy Andrews, Governor Bentley, US Senator Richard Shelby, and many prominent CEO’s within Alabama, Knight Eady knew this would be a great opportunity to showcase the positive growth within our city and state. We were honored to be a part of the event and were excited to also help with YellowHammer’s second annual Power of Service Event held in May at the Grand Bohemian Hotel. Fifty of the most powerful politicians, lobbyists and businessmen and women across the state were recognized at a reception celebration that Knight Eady helped to coordinate.

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