Vestavia Hills High School

A collection of fresh brand marks and accompanying brand style guide is the industry standard at colleges and universities. However, very few high schools have taken the time or resources to invest in this level of brand identity development. Vestavia Hills High School (VHHS) is a high school in the metro-Birmingham area that decided to set a standard for high schools and branding. VHHS sought to undergo a branding identification process to synthesize the qualities, characteristics and values that best embody the brand and develop brand marks motivated by those assets. They hired Knight Eady to help them with the re-branding process. Using primary and secondary research, we looked to obtain a complete understanding of the VHHS brand. We used surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews and brand audits to gather information, develop a profile of the VHHS stakeholders as it relates to the current state of the brand, and measure their mindsets on the representation of the brand moving forward. Based on the research findings and complete analysis of the results, our team concluded that it would be in the best interest of VHHS to move forward without a new mascot for the brand identity project. In lieu of a mascot, strong primary marks and additional brand imagery were developed as the visual elements of the VHHS brand. Additionally, a branding style guide provided recommendations for use of the marks in order to protect the VHHS brand and maintain consistency. We learned that Vestavia has numerous positive attributes that are shared by all member of the community including students, alumni, residents and coaches and we focused on the consistently repeated positive attributes to help create the new marks. To view all of the branding updates, visit vhbrand.com.

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