Birmingham Tip Off Club

Since July of 2014, Knight Eady has served as the Birmingham Tip Off Club’s marketing and management agency. The Tip Off Club exists to restore, educate and advance the game of basketball in the greater Birmingham area, and Knight Eady has helped expand its vision in each of those areas. When our partnership began, our team led a rebrand for the Tip Off Club including a new primary mark, website, signage and mission in order to encourage new membership and connect with the basketball fans in the area. We continue to provide services to meet the Tip Off Club’s marketing, branding and media relations needs and share their mission with a growing audience. Knight Eady also serves as the club’s event manager and helps host various events throughout the season. These events include weekly luncheons with high-profile basketball enthusiasts, basketball watch parties, and a tip-off event where hundreds of basketball fans and coaches across the state gather to celebrate the beginning of the basketball season.

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