Noah Basketball

Noah Basketball aims to make basketball players into better shooters by providing the optimal shooting arc and shot depth, allowing players to build muscle memory for the best shot and developing them into consistent and confident shooters. With what started with a rake in a driveway with founder Alan Marty and his daughter, and the vision to teach a better basketball shot, Noah Basketball’s first goal was to get the player to shoot at a proper height. Years of research and millions of shots later, Noah Basketball identified the elements of a perfect shot… strong muscle memory to constantly shoot the ball straight, at a 45-degree entry angle, and 11 inches deep into the basket, two inches past center. They determined the only way to control shot depth is through the players arc. Nineteen patents later, the new Noah three-dimensional product has helped basketball players from every level across the country to make more shots and win more games. Knight Eady was already familiar with the unique Noah product through our involvement in the basketball world, but in January of 2017, established a relationship with John Carter, Noah CEO, and the rest of the team to become the marketing, branding and media agency for the brand. Knight Eady is involved in managing the rebranding, logo development, social media and traditional media efforts, website, videography and all other marketing needs for Noah. Through our partnership, we want to help tell the Noah story to basketball players across the country so that they can be a part of the community of athletes that is impacted by the Noah technology that is working to advance the entire sport of basketball.

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