Lutzie 43 Foundation

We are extremely proud of the opportunity to partner with the Lutzie 43 Foundation and serve as ambassadors for this great organization. Philip Lutzenkirchen left a legacy of influence with his unwavering passion for community service, leadership, and service to others. The foundation aims to develop the character of young people and their influencers by focusing on leadership, charity, compassion, mentorship, hard work, honesty and faith through education and real world application. Knight Eady was hired to manage marketing and branding efforts including a re-brand, website re-design and brand guidelines. Our team also oversees the foundation’s social media strategy, public relations, speaking engagements, educational curriculum, and development of fundraising events including the Lutzie Golf Invitational held at Farm Links. One of the most rewarding aspects of this partnership includes the relationships that we have built with the Lutzenkirchen family and their community as we work to incorporate their values and mission into all the work we do. We look forward to continuing to see the impact the foundation will make on young lives across the country.

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