Daniel Summit

The Daniel Summit is a gathering of men and women within the sports and entertainment industry, committed to excellence personally and professionally, who share a common goal of using their platform to have influence for God. The Daniel Summit occurs annually each summer in Carlsbad, California and currently draws over one hundred attendees within the sports industry representing over 70 different teams, leagues and organizations. The Summit focus on challenging and encouraging individuals in the areas of leadership, friendship, legacy, ethics, faith, marriage, parenting and more. Speakers represent organizations such as NASCAR, The NFL, The Chicago Cubs and The Miami Dolphins and also features Lead Pastors from across the country. Knight Eady’s own Mark Whitworth had the privilege of speaking at the Daniel Summit in 2016 and through his passion and commitment to the organization, allowed our company to grow a relationship with the board. Knight Eady is proud to now partner with the Daniel Summit on its branding and marketing efforts as well as with event management services for the Summit held in June. This partnership falls in line with our expertise of marketing and events within the sports field, but also falls in line with our core values and goals as a company. Knight Eady is honored to be a part of an organization that aspires to equip attendees who also work within the sports and entertainment industries to be better leaders/executives, spouses and parents. We look forward to growing the reach of the brand so that even more professionals can be inspired and encouraged by not only attending the Summit, but by the other like-minded individuals that they can meet throughout the entire year.

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