Alabama High School Athletic Association

In July of 2014, Knight Eady joined alongside the AHSAA as its strategic marketing and event management partner. Our first initiative with the AHSAA involved a rebrand of the organization and its marquee championship events, including the football and basketball state championships. With the addition of a seventh classification, the strategic rebrand aimed to provide the AHSAA with an avenue for its brand to flourish and expand on all mediums, while fostering a deeper connection with the student-athletes. Knight Eady created new primary and secondary marks for the AHSAA, as well as Super 7 and Basketball State Finals event marks. In addition to providing marketing and event management services for Super 7 and State Finals, Knight Eady oversees AHSAA corporate sponsorship sales, inventory and strategic activation across all of the 24 state championships. We greatly value our relationship with the AHSAA and appreciate the trust their staff placed in us at such an early stage.

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