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The people who make up our team at Knight Eady serve as the company’s greatest assets. Each individual brings a different strength, personality and energy to the team, which creates a dynamic work environment. Although we work extremely hard for our partners, we also make plenty of room for having fun together because we are firm believers in work life integration. From lake and beach trips to attending sporting events and playing on a Kickball team (and winning the championship), we genuinely consider one another friends.

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Suzanne Alvarez

Director of Marketing and Culture

Suzanne came to Knight Eady Sports Group from Chick-fil-A Corporate in Atlanta where she served on the marketing and advertising team and learned a great deal about working in an extremely positive work environment. She is charged with developing a similarly engaging and contagious culture at Knight Eady for internal staff as well as for our clients. She loves telling the Knight Eady story and is involved in a lot of the hiring and on-boarding for new staff and interns. Additionally, she is using her knowledge to work on sponsorship development and event activation for each of our corporate relationships by creating emotional connections for fans at the events. She also keeps a pulse on successful business trends both inside and outside of our industry. Some of her favorites include Disney, Zappos, Nike, and of course, Chick-fil-A. Suzanne also serves as the Event Manager for the Birmingham Corporate Challenge. She is originally from South Carolina but now lives in Birmingham with her husband Mitchell. You will normally find Suzanne wearing orange as an ever-loyal and passionate supporter of her alma mater, Clemson University.