Our People

The people who make up our team at Knight Eady serve as the company’s greatest assets. Each individual brings a different strength, personality and energy to the team, which creates a dynamic work environment. Although we work extremely hard for our partners, we also make plenty of room for having fun together because we are firm believers in work life integration. From lake and beach trips to attending sporting events and playing on a Kickball team (and winning the championship), we genuinely consider one another friends.

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Michael Eady

President - Marketing

As a co-founder at Knight Eady, Michael serves as the “idea guy.” He is charged with creating, filtering, and forming the innovative business ideas for the company and ensuring that Knight Eady is always thinking ahead into the future, redefining solutions, and creating remarkable experiences. He works to develop the corporate inventory for events and cultivates solutions for activating the corporate sponsors in unique ways. He also serves as the prime liaison to the creative communications and marketing team. Michael has over nine years of experience in the advertising, sports, and events industry in working for Martin Advertising and the Colonnade Group. He lives in Homewood with his wife Sarah Beth and 4 children (Addison, Charlie, Abram and Riley). While not working, Michael enjoys attending industry related seminars and workshops, playing golf, and traveling with his family. He is also a sucker for a good concert and a new pair of shoes.