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The people who make up our team at Knight Eady serve as the company’s greatest assets. Each individual brings a different strength, personality and energy to the team, which creates a dynamic work environment. Although we work extremely hard for our partners, we also make plenty of room for having fun together because we are firm believers in work life integration. From lake and beach trips to attending sporting events and playing on a Kickball team (and winning the championship), we genuinely consider one another friends.

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Katie McCormack

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Knight Eady is thrilled to have Katie McCormack as our Marketing and Communications Assistant for the National Senior Games. She also spends a great deal of her time on other Knight Eady projects such as the Hibbett Activation and the Birmingham Ed Foundation Fundraiser, Family Feud Game Night. Katie is a 2016 graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, with a degree in Religion and Business Administration. During her time as an NCAA student-athlete, Katie developed a passion for sports, the competitive experience, and an appreciation for the lessons learned while cultivating teamwork and perseverance. As a leader on the volleyball team, a member of Greek life, and a coach, Katie developed marketing and communication skills promoting campus events and establishing relationships across Birmingham. Katie has grown to love and appreciate Birmingham since she moved here from her hometown of Memphis Tennessee, and she hopes to continue to experience the growing city to the fullest while contributing to the Knight Eady mission. Though she is an only child, Katie has over 60 cousins and loves to stay active; playing volleyball, doing yoga, and cooking with friends in her spare time.