Our People

The people who make up our team at Knight Eady serve as the company’s greatest assets. Each individual brings a different strength, personality and energy to the team, which creates a dynamic work environment. Although we work extremely hard for our partners, we also make plenty of room for having fun together because we are firm believers in work life integration. From lake and beach trips to attending sporting events and playing on a Kickball team (and winning the championship), we genuinely consider one another friends.

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Buddy Overstreet

Creative Director

Buddy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in strategic marketing as he partners with Knight Eady on creative communications for universities, athletic programs, events, and branding. He works on all marketing concepts both internally and externally for Knight Eady and strategizes with the marketing and communications team on each project. He creates bold and powerful graphics and messaging in order to elevate companies. Buddy has extensive understanding of branding as it relates to sports from his experience in the University of Alabama athletics department for nine years. Through his role with Crimson Tide Productions, he implemented a vision and new standard for branding and messaging. Buddy and his wife Haley have two children, V and Mac, with a third on the way, and live in Austin, Texas. He and his family enjoy attending concerts and sporting events and he has a passion for cooking.