Knight Eady believes in constantly challenging and stretching ourselves, and the project the creative team took on this past week in Atlanta with the Southeastern Conference exemplifies that drive. When given the challenge to create a unique photo experience for SEC Media Days, the KE creative team worked to develop an environment that would not only capture great content but also be fun for the players and coaches!


Our team had 56 photo sessions spread out over four days with head coaches and players representing 14 SEC schools. We aimed to give each player and coach the chance to let their individual personalities shine while maintaining a consistent and premium look. These athletes consider it a privilege to represent their programs at Media Days—however, it demands a lot from them, going from place to place to take photos and give interviews to various networks and organizations at a rapid pace.

The SEC values their student-athletes and wanted their time with them to be a chance for the players to have fun and relax while at the same time capturing valuable photos and video for the Conference’s use. We think that’s a great approach, too—portraits look their best when the athletes are authentically relaxed and are comfortable to be themselves.

To help create to that experience, we first broke out our new iPad photo booth and it quickly became a crowd favorite! Players dove into it head first and had fun taking selfies to share with their followers. The results were fantastic. Players and teams were sharing the content on their own accounts, which helped scale the message of the experience we created. Not only did the players and coaches get to develop this fun, engaging relationship with the SEC, but now all of their fans and followers were able to see the brand of the SEC in a new and authentic way.

The players then made their way to our photo studio.


So, why all the gold? The SEC prides itself on the tagline “It just means more.” This look pays tribute to the premium aspect of the conference while giving players room to have fun and express themselves. A shiny gold backdrop created the premium look we wanted to achieve. We brought the look center-stage by hitting the backdrop with lights from the side, aiming to create bright edges from the wrinkles in the fabric. This had the added bonus of reflecting a warm glow around the athletes, which made them stand out. The real hero of the look? The golden football. We gave players the option of a regular football, but no one even considered it. A Knight Eady creation, our photographer took a boring old football outside with spray paint to make our newest MVP.

Did we achieve our goals? You tell us.

SECMD18 - Florida Instagram Story from Knight Eady on Vimeo.

If you know Knight Eady, you know our mantra is “We Believe in Sports.” A natural part of that belief is an authentic respect for student-athletes, and this shared belief with the SEC is what makes our partnership so successful. We feel privileged to play a role in making this week exciting for athletes and can’t wait to do it again.

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