My Knight Eady Internship Experience by Adrianne Jenkins

We want to wish a special thank-you to Adrianne Jenkins, an intern at Knight Eady, for writing this blog post.

In my experience as a student at The University of Alabama, I have learned that internships are key to earning a good job in the future. Internships help to prepare you for the real world by having responsibilities that carry a heavy load, and my internship at Knight Eady has done that for me.

During my junior year of college, I was introduced to Knight Eady by my mentor Josh Bean. He suggested I reach out and volunteer at the 2017 AHSSA State Finals, so I did! I had an amazing time and loved how nice the KE staff were. I applied to be an intern after volunteering and was thrilled to receive the position!

Walking into my first day on the internship, I was greeted by smiling faces and handshakes. Everyone made an effort to know my name and made sure I was doing okay. Throughout the internship, they have included me on several different projects, making me feel like I am an important part of the team and that my opinion matters. In my past internships, I noticed the staff didn't care to get to know the interns or even remember names. I began to think every internship would be like that. Knight Eady proved to be unlike any other internship experience.

During my time at KE, I have learned things that I did not learn in the classroom. Projects ranging from public relations to event coordinating have made me realize my interest in a career in sports marketing. I did not know if sports marketing was the route I wanted to go, but during my time here, I realized I want to make this work my career one day.

Working with accounts that interest me made the workload fun. My interest in basketball helped me write copy for the Noah Basketball account. I even accomplished my goal of earning engagement from NBA players and teams, ultimately allowing the Noah Basketball brand to reach them and spark interest!

The account manager, Kelsey Murphy, gave me a shout-out to the Noah Basketball team, which made me feel great! Ever since then I have tried to get more engagement from professionals and other teams. I did not get this type of recognition from my past internships.

This internship has prepared me for the real world in several ways. Commuting to Birmingham twice a week can be a struggle, but it has been well worth it. The experiences I have had at KE have prepped me to do my best in my future career and I cannot thank the Knight Eady team enough!

Thank you for an awesome semester, Adrianne Jenkins

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