Meet Marin Olson - Marketing and Communications Intern

Thanks to Marin Olson for providing this post!

I could not be more excited to be spending my summer interning at Knight Eady. My role as a Marketing and Communications Intern has so far allowed me to work closely with Strategic Communications Associate, Caroline Harding, and clients such as the Lutzie 43 Foundation, Nexus Fitness and Noah Basketball: three organizations that I identify with as a former athlete and disciple of Christ.

I have been here for almost a month, and this experience has already opened many doors for me in my future career and surrounded me with people who share similar values and passions to my own.

I was very fortunate to have grown up in Julesburg, Colorado, a rural community about a mile away from the Nebraska state-line. Small towns may not have much to them, but the tendency for the whole town to rally behind the sports teams ingrained in me a belief in sports I don’t think I’d otherwise have.


My relationship with sports started the day I realized that being on the t-ball team meant that I got to hang out with my best friends. I participated in every pee-wee sport, and my classmates quickly became by teammates. This way of life continued through junior high until the games changed from a social hobby to an essential outlet.

Knight Eady’s mission statement reads, “We believe in sports.” This message encompasses the company perfectly and solidified that I would identify with Knight Eady’s values.

Over the years, I’ve had four constants to rely on: God, family, friends and sports. In 8th grade, I came home from a Saturday pole-vault practice only to learn that my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I hugged my mom in front of the crowd at a Friday night basketball game and presented her with the funds my team had raised for breast cancer research in her honor.

I thought she had beat cancer until I didn’t see her in the stands at my volleyball game – the only one she had ever missed. When she passed away, we held the funeral in the high school gymnasium, the only place in town big enough for the entire community to gather. The years that followed were filled with nothing but support from my teammates and community.


Being a Husker fan all my life, I chose to continue my education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I have been studying Marketing and Business Analytics. I have spent the last year as an intern for Nebraska IMG, where I get to participate in the famous Husker Football Game-day experience from behind the scenes. As I prepare for my final semester this fall, I am excited to see where Scott Frost leads the football team and where God leads me upon graduation.

Sports gave me a community to lean on, an avenue to compete and a purpose. Being a part of Knight Eady allows me to live out my purpose beyond competing. I hope that I can help give our clients and their followers the same sense of inspiration that I’ve also found in sports.

Although my time at Knight Eady ends (or pauses :) ) in August, I know that the relationships and experiences I make this summer will carry me through many future endeavors. Knight Eady has already been a huge blessing in my journey and I’m excited to be a part of the team while their story continues!

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