Meet Lindsey McMahon - Graphic Design Fellow

“This could be good, we need more Auburn blood around here…” … the first words of Michael Eady the day I stepped foot into the Knight Eady office. Born and raised an Auburn Tiger, I’m unquestionably outnumbered in the KE office, but will proudly claim my alma mater as the loveliest village on the plains. As a fourth-generation Auburn student, you could say the Auburn blood runs deep and I get it honest.

Growing up, I could be found at one of five places: church, school, ballet class, Lake Martin, or the ballpark. Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember—whether that be Saturdays spent cheering on the Auburn Tigers in Jordan Hare and rolling Toomer’s Corner, or weekdays spend watching my little brother grow up on the ballfield. Some of my favorite memories span across my short lifetime’s worth of days spent underneath the Friday night lights, in the ballpark and in the stands cheering courtside.


As I grew up, my creative hobbies changed, but the foundation of design and creativity was continually laid. As a trained classical ballerina, I was taught the importance of fine details, the art of refining over and over again, and the patience that is required in order to produce the best possible final project. Chalk doodles on driveways turned to wedding invitations, and identity suites and art camps in the summers turned to a career in graphic design.

After graduating from Vestavia Hills High School, I attended Auburn University. During my time at Auburn, I worked within the marketing department of the Office of Student Involvement and gained valuable insight on brand management, social media, and strategic marketing techniques. This past May, I completed my four years at Auburn and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the nationally ranked College of Architecture, Design, and Construction. With a heart for people, I see graphic design as an opportunity to make a difference. Design is changing the way our world is experienced and we are able to be at the forefront of this movement.


The path that led me to Knight Eady was steadily paved before I was even aware. During my time at Auburn University, Knight Eady began a partnership with my high school alma mater, Vestavia Hills High School. This project was about more than just logos. This project was an opportunity for positive change, and the beginning of my path crossing with the team at Knight Eady. As I spent days in the classroom learning about the planning and research that goes into every project we would design after graduation, the team at Knight Eady exemplified a real-world application of every principle. They surveyed hundreds of people in my hometown and worked tirelessly to create an identity suite to protect the strength of the branding that so proudly represents my alma mater and the people that raised me, the Vestavia Hills High School community.

After multiple conversations with the team at Knight Eady, I joined as a graphic design intern during my final semester at Auburn. This internship provided a glimpse into the world of sports marketing and hooked me enough to bring me on full time! As graduation approached and I was continually asked about where I wanted to work, the answer quickly became “Knight Eady” followed by a conversation about the latest and greatest thing that was coming out of the office. I am one of three fellows for Knight Eady and work with our content creation team on designing exceptional identities and other design elements that bring brands and experiences to life. Knight Eady combines my worlds of graphic design and a passion for event management and production. I believe you get the most out of your life by pouring yourself into the lives of others and what stands out to me is that Knight Eady is built on relationships— internally and externally. They care about their people and I could not be more excited to officially begin working with this incredible group.

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