Meet Lauren Lockridge - Partnerships Marketing Fellow

Thanks to Lauren Lockridge for providing this post!

Growing up in Georgia in a family full of Auburn Tigers, there’s not much more to life than SEC college football. Before I could walk, I was already put into an Auburn cheerleading outfit and spent my Saturdays at Jordan-Hare stadium. Auburn was my future and I never knew much else outside of the Southeast. Then in December 2007, my family packed up and moved to Chicago. We absolutely fell in love with the city, the summer weather, and the neighborhood friends. Though I still consider the southeast my home, moving to Chicago helped me accept change and open my horizon to other options.


With sports and music always being a valuable component in my life, I knew I wanted to continue being a part of this world in my professional career. After researching other schools in the SEC, I discovered a Sports and Entertainment program at the University of South Carolina (debatably the real Carolina). Excited to realize a major like this existed, I visited the campus and fell in love. As difficult of a decision it was to part with Auburn, with the love and support of my family, I went with my gut and knew South Carolina was the right decision for me. My experience was nothing short of amazing in all aspects. During my time at South Carolina, I was able to participate in various internship experiences including a dream job of working with sponsorship for Live Nation Entertainment in Charlotte, North Carolina. After this experience, I knew sponsorship was a career I wanted to follow in an industry I already loved.

While completely unaware of what my future was to hold, I was introduced to the idea of Knight Eady at a family gathering in Birmingham. Though Birmingham was never on my radar, I couldn’t deny the comfort and connection I created with the company in just a few short but meaningful conversations I had with them. Knight Eady made me feel wanted and welcomed before I had even started the job.


My first experience with the staff was in Augusta, Georgia, at one of their Elevate the Stage events. Though I was technically a volunteer just to help with anything they needed, I already felt incredibly valued right from the start. After spending 16-hour days with a few staff members of the company, I knew I wanted to work with a company that had a culture like Knight Eady.

I am incredibly excited to have found the company that will allow me to gain more hands-on experience and will push me to learn and grow every day. I know my experience here will be like no other, and I would not have it any other way. I am so thankful to South Carolina for providing me with the connections to outstanding internships, and to have come into contact with this company when I did. I look forward to what my future holds here at Knight Eady!

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