Meet Katie Stotts: Marketing and Communications Fellow

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I always wanted to move back home after graduation to the city and state that I love. However, as my collegiate career came to a close I soon learned that was not in the cards. I am a big city person and I would have never imagined myself moving to Birmingham, Alabama to start my career, but here I am and loving my new city and job.

I graduated in May from Auburn University with a degree in public relations and minors in marketing and philanthropy, as well as nonprofit studies. During my time at Auburn, I served as assistant philanthropy chair in my sorority, where I was able to use my planning skills and passion for helping others to raise money to end hunger and work with local charities.


After completing an internship with The University of Texas System, I thought my career path would be to get a job in higher education development and eventually move into college athletic fundraising. I had always grown up with a passion for sports, but it wasn’t until my senior year that I realized that this was something I wanted to do as a career, so I adjusted my current plan to fit.

A little way into my senior year I had a “quarter life crisis” and realized that I wanted to work in the sports industry full time, right now, not later down the road. Feeling behind in sports industry experience, I was fortunate enough to volunteer with the SEC Network at the Women’s SEC Basketball Tournament in Nashville. This just solidified that I wanted to work in the sports industry now and have this be my career path.

After sending my resume to people and meeting with anyone and everyone, I was connected with Knight Eady. After reaching out to them, I had a couple phone interviews that felt more like a great, easy conversations, I was hooked. After visiting the office for an in-person interview, I knew that this was where I wanted to work. It was the people, the work that Knight Eady does, and their core values, that drew me to wanting to work for this company.

So, fast forward to getting an offer to be their Marketing and Communications Fellow, then moving to Birmingham. I traded my big city for a city that is on the rise. I compare Birmingham now to how Austin was ten years ago before it hit the big boom, before the secret about how great it is got out. Being in a city that is working on revival and working for a company that is part of this reboot is something I wanted and didn’t know that was important to me until all the cards fell into place.


The decision to move to Birmingham and work for Knight Eady was an easy one, but the process of getting here was a learning experience for me. Trusting that things happen for a reason and what I think I my plan should be might not actually be the best fit for me was a great lesson for me to learn during this time in my life.

I am excited about this fellowship with Knight Eady. The amount of responsibility I am being given right off the bat is exciting and challenging me in a great way.

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