A Knight Eady Xperience

Are brands still relevant? This million-dollar question has left marketers and advertisers wondering what it takes to show their brand’s purpose and remain significant in the eyes of their consumers. Changing demographics and cultural shifts have required brands to seek unique and innovative ways to develop lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Companies must authentically engage with their consumer and create meaningful experiences that foster loyalty and trust.

Many well-known brands have begun to employ experiential marketing tactics to help tell their story and develop a relationship with their consumer in a new way. REI created rock-climbing walls in their stores to allow the consumer to try out the gear before they purchase, and Warby Parker’s guerilla eyewear show during NY Fashion Week set them apart from the traditional brands hosting runway shows. Brands seek to create moments that spark emotions, drive conversation, foster a relationship and fuel loyalty. Creating these moments can come from campaigns of all shapes and sizes, and Knight Eady takes this experience-first approach in all that we do.

This past summer, Knight Eady hit a milestone with two years in operation, and we hosted several of our family, friends and partners to help us celebrate. However, instead of simply hosting everyone over a few drinks and hors d’oeuvres, we sought to create an event that would immerse our fans into the story behind Knight Eady and allow them to connect on a deeper level by actually experiencing what a Knight Eady event is like.

At the Knight Eady Xperience party, attendees were immediately transformed into the look and feel of an authentic Knight Eady sporting event. Upon arrival, guests were given an official credential and walked down the blue carpet where they stopped at the branded press backdrop for photo opportunities. Guests then entered into the great room where they walked through a visual display of all of our partnerships. Party favors were awarded through the “Take A Chance” wall, where guests determined their prize by drawing a card from an envelope on the wall. A virtual reality system introduced our friends to the newest technology in marketing and allowed them to escape to a different world. Lastly, what party would be complete without a little college football? We couldn’t get away with hosting an event on a Thursday in the fall without making sure we had the game on TV!

The Knight Eady Xperience party was a great way for us to thank our many family, friends and partners who have done so much to support Knight Eady over the past two years. It was also an opportunity to showcase why we do what we do by telling our story through a unique event. We sought to show that we are more than just a sports marketing and events company because we aimed to create an experience for each attendee that sparked their own story with our company.

At Knight Eady, we commit ourselves to providing platforms for student-athletes, competitors, and sports enthusiasts to have unforgettable and unique experiences through athletic competition. We believe in motivating and inspiring individuals to reach beyond their potential and develop an unparalleled loyalty and passion for their sport. Additionally, we couple a unique event experience with strategic planning and innovative creative services to develop a campaign that propels brands forward and fosters meaningful and lasting relationships with sports enthusiasts.

The same goes for other brands, no matter their product or service. The goal is to use an experience-first approach to keep people engaged with your brand in ways that they haven’t before. If you build an amazing brand experience, the relationship will come naturally, all while transforming the consumer out of their traditional (and expected) experience and into a cultural and social hub. Give your purpose even more purpose by going beyond just stating your mission, and tell your story in a way that works.

Didn’t get to make it to the Knight Eady Xperience party? Check out our photo album on Facebook for pictures from the event!

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